Our Volunteers

buddhasThe Kwan Um School of Zen relies heavily on its volunteers. This select group of members makes it possible to meet our mission of providing Zen Master Seung Sahn’s teachings to people all over the world.

We are currently looking for volunteers to handle these tasks: webmaster, YouTube site development, online research, and kitchen help during sangha weekends at the Providence Zen Center.

A million “THANK YOUs” to all of you!

  • Algernon D’Ammassa, Deming Zen Center
  • Brenton Sheehan, Providence Zen Center
  • Carlos Montero, South Florida Zen Center
  • Carol Boudreau, South Florida Zen Center
  • Claudia Schippert, Orlando Zen Center
  • Doug Walsh, Providence Zen Center
  • Ed McCarthy, Providence Zen Center
  • Fred Miller, Providence Zen Center
  • Jason Quinn, Empty Gate Zen Center
  • Jennifer Magrone, Cambridge Zen Center
  • Jody Blackwell, Cambridge Zen Center
  • John Holland, Chogye International Zen Center of NY
  • Laura Bickmeier, Open Meadows Zen Center
  • Lucy Lee, Cambridge Zen Center
  • Marc Ramer, South Florida Zen Center
  • Michael Schutzler, Ocean Light Zen Center
  • Patricia Long, Northern Light Zen Center
  • Scott Dumont, Providence Zen Center
  • Soo Kyoung Lee, Chogye International Zen Center of NY
  • Steve Watkins, Empty Gate Zen Center
  • Tom Johnson, Cambridge Zen Center

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please send an email to director@kwanumzen.org. We ask that all volunteers are members who have been with the school for at least 6 months.

Featured Volunteer





Laura Bickmeier is a member of the Open Meadow Zen Group, and has helped the School enormously by keeping our website updated and fixed. We have lots of new things going on all the time – and also, we are constantly finding broken links or other problems on the site. She is always available to update and correct everything in a very timely fashion.

Laura has been practicing with the KUSZ since 1998; first, at Cold Mountain Zen Center and now, at Open Meadow Zen. She maintains websites for both those centers in addition to helping where possible on the KUSZ site. She has been with MIT Lincoln Laboratory for 10 years as a research engineer. She has worked on environmental satellite systems as well as innovative weather applications for aviation. She lives with her husband and 2 children outside of Boston.

Thank you, Laura, for all your help!