Un Mun’s Body Exposed in the Golden Wind

by on Apr 12, 2016Zen Master Dae Jin

Mu Sang Sa Temple, Summer 2013

A monk once asked Zen Master Un Mun, “How is it when the tree withers and the leaves fall?”
Un Mun replied, “Body exposed in the Golden Wind.”
Here we have the great Chinese Zen Master Un Mun being asked about the time when the leaves all fall off the trees and the branches wither, that is, they become small and short. Maybe in Singapore this does not happen because the trees are always green and the branches are always long! We know that this is not the case, and the tree will someday change its leaves and drop its old branches too. Usually this happens in the autumn season when the moon is shining brightly and the weather is cooling down.
Just like the trees changing their leaves and branches, we human beings also have to change our clothes and adapt to the conditions. Only wearing the same clothes every day is not possible or helpful. When we change our clothes our true “body” is exposed! Exposed in the Golden wind? Golden wind means the precious wind of change. This means adapting to conditions, following the situation however odd it may seem. When we do this we grow and get wisdom.
Waiting for the Golden Wind is our usual condition. But, if you only wait for it to blow your way, you will just grow old and fat. Now! Look carefully! In front of you the fall moon is reflected brightly, and a clear wind blows lightly on the face.