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Nov 8 98

Inka Speech

by Gye Mun Sunim JDPS

On November 8, 1998, Gae Mun Sunim received inka from Zen Master Seung Sahn at Kwan Yin Chan Lin, our Zen Center in Singapore.

[Raises Zen stick over head, then hits table with stick.]

At this point, receiving inka is …

Jun 1 98

Happy Buddha’s Birthday

by Zen Master Bon Soeng

When Buddha was born, he sprang out of his mother’s hip, walked seven steps, said, “Heaven above, earth below, only I am holy.”

[hits table with zen stick]

When you and I were born, we sprung from our mother’s uterus, …

Mar 9 96


by Zen Master Seung Sahn

From talk at Seoul International Zen Center, Korea, March 9, 1996

Some people completely understand sutras. A long time ago, a famous old Sutra Master visited Ko Bong Zen Master.

Ko Bong Sunim asked him, “How long have you been …

Jun 1 95

Inka Speech

by Zen Master Bon Yo
[Raises Zen stick overhead and hits table]

No attainment is attainment and attainment is no attainment.

[Raises Zen stick overhead and hits table]

No attainment. No no attainment.

[Raises Zen stick overhead and hits table]

Attainment is attainment. No attainment …

Nov 1 92

Become an Expert… Or Become a Buddha

by Zen Master Wu Bong

From a talk by Zen Master Wu Bong

Question: Sometimes I feel complete, and everything is clear, but then at other times I lose that, and no longer understand. What can you say about this?

Zen Master Wu Bong: Being …

Aug 1 90

Practicing is essential

by Zen Master Wu Bong
Recently I glanced through a book written by a spiritual teacher. The main point seemed to be that all religious teachings and practices are totally irrelevant because everyone already has “It.”

This is almost like Zen teaching, except for the …

Sep 1 88

Practicing in Our Situation

by Zen Master Dae Bong
Adapted from a talk given at Providence Zen Center in September, 1988.

One of the most famous stories in our Zen tradition is about a little girl in ancient China named Sul. She and her family lived about a thousand …

Dec 29 79

Everything is That Simple

by Zen Master Soeng Hyang
A formal Dharma talk given on December 29, 1979

(Holds the Zen stick and very slowly traces a circle in the air with its tip, then strikes the Zen stick vertically on the table.)

Very very slow.

(Quickly traces a …

May 1 79

Chew, Chew, Chew

by Zen Master Seung Sahn

Chew, Chew, Chew

The material for this Newsletter was contributed by the Lawrence Chogye Zen Group in Lawrence, Kansas. It is a dialogue between a student (P) and Soen Sa Nim. (SS) that took place at a Dharma Talk last Read More...
Aug 1 76

True Meditation

by Zen Master Seung Sahn

At a recent Dharma Talk, Zen Master Seung Sahn was asked what elements contribute to make a meditation practice strong and clear. He answered:

“True meditation comes from true cognition; true cognition comes from true meditation.

There are many schools …

Jan 1 76

Zen is Understanding Yourself

by Zen Master Seung Sahn

One day a student from Chicago came to the Providence Zen Center and asked Seung Sahn Soen-Sa, “What is Zen?”

Soen-sa held his Zen stick above his head and said, “Do you understand?”

The student said, “I don’t know.”

Soen-sa …