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Sep 2 13

Tomorrow Is Too Late

by Zen Master Wu Bong

Nobody guarantees our life. So if there is anything that you think may be useful, just now is the time to use it. In our life, past mind cannot be attained. Present mind cannot be attained. If you say present, …

Jun 3 11

Chanting and Together-Action

by Zen Master Dae Bong

Zen Master Dae Bong speaks about chanting,together action and bowing.


Jul 23 08

The Wave of Together Action

by Zen Master Joeng Hye

From a Dharma talk given during the Summer Kyol Che at Warsaw Zen Center on 23 July 2008.
Student: What is the difference between our practice together and our individual practice later on at home?
PSN: This time of practicing …

Feb 26 05

Dharma Talk with Karen Spicher at Providence Winter Kyol Che

by Zen Master Dae Kwang
Jun 1 00

Kwan Seum Bosal’s Hat

by Zen Master Seung Sahn

Closing talk at Mu Sang Sa temple for the 2000 Summer Kyol Che

Thank you all very much for coming here and practicing for three months in our Kyol Che retreat. Kyol Che means “tight.” Today is the end of …

May 1 91

Earth Soup

by Zen Master Dae Kwang

Each morning we say the Four Great Vows at the beginning of practice:


Sentient beings are numberless; we vow to save them all.
Passions are endless; we vow to extinguish them all.
The teachings are infinite; we vow to

Dec 1 90

Earth, Air, Fire and Water Repaying the universe

by Zen Master Seung Sahn

Earth, Air, Fire and Water
Repaying the universe

In 1986, I visited Swami Satchidananda’s yoga ashram in West Virginia for the opening ceremony of the Lotus Shrine, a beautiful ecumenical pavilion. They had a dedication ceremony and had invited many…Read More...
Mar 1 89

One Person’s Energy Helps All People: On Family and Practice

by Zen Master Seung Sahn
Primary Point: In many families now, both the husband and wife have to work. They also have children and social responsibilities. How can the parents make a living, raise a family and still have time to practice?

Zen Master

Mar 8 87

Providence Zen Center

by Zen Master Soeng Hyang

Mar 11 85

Monks and Laymen

by Zen Master Seung Sahn
The following questions and Soen Sa Nim’s responses were after a Kong-an reading on March 11, 1985, at the Providence Zen Center.

Q: Can you talk about monks and laymen? We have just finished a beautiful Hae Jae Ceremony at …