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Oct 10 12

Buddha’s Birthday 2002

by Zen Master Wu Bong

This is mistake day, so my talk points the same way.

Buddha was born and the gods enjoy: Big mistake.

Six years under the Bodhi Tree, then enlightenment: Another big mistake.

Your life, my life: Also a mistake.

Today i’s …

Mar 7 12

You Already Have The Answer

by Zen Master Bon Haeng

Zen Master Bon Haeng is asked “What should I do when I encounter office gossip?”

Jun 17 11

Freedom From Life and Death

by Zen Master Su Bong

Everybody worries about death. When we were young, our first worry was – what shall we do when our parents die? We human beings worry about that. And children worry: “How will I feel? What shall I do? Who will …

Jan 1 01

Good Actors

by Zen Master Bon Shim
A dharma talk in Olomouc, Czech Republic

Here’s a question for everybody: How can you get out of samsara, how do you get out of suffering? We’re really lucky because we have a good practice situation. We can help and …

Sep 1 99

Zen Master Dok Sahn and The Starr Report

by Zen Master Bon Yeon
Excerpt from a dharma speech September-October 1999

There is an ancient tradition in the monasteries in Asia at mealtime: three times a day, a great bell is rung and a big drum is struck, signalling to all the monks and …

Aug 1 99

Zen Stick Swallows Universe

by Zen Master Seung Sahn

Question: If you see a lot of blame in your life and very little praise, and you feel a lot of pain and very little pleasure, and you hang on to this then you suffer a lot. So you always …

Apr 1 99

Throw That Book Away

by Zen Master Seung Sahn

From talks in Cambridge on April 1, 1999 and Providence on April 2, 1999


Question: In your book, Compass of Zen, you say that “Mu practice” is not a correct practice. But Mu is the same as Kwan Seum …

Dec 1 98

Trusting In Mind

by Zen Master Hae Kwang

A New Translation of the Hsin Hsin Ming, the classic poem by the Third Patriarch of Zen, Seng T’san
Zen Master Hae Kwang

The Great Way is not difficult,
Just don’t pick and choose.
If you cut off all likes …

Apr 2 94

Buddha’s Birthday Poem

by Zen Master Dae Kwang

Given April 2, 1994

A true person
leaps into the world
takes seven steps in each direction
“Only I am holy.”
Un Mun’s foul mouth
Cries “Mistake!”

Still, 2538 birthday candles
Have already burned up
Buddha, Un Mun,
and the …

Jan 1 93


by Zen Master Dae Kwang

At the beginning of December we celebrated Buddha’s Enlightenment. Then two days later we began the seven-day intensive retreat that’s traditionally associated with the enlightenment ceremony. That’s interesting, because in Zen Buddhism, ceremonies are usually associated with actual practicing. That …

Dec 1 90

Of Risks and Failures

by Zen Master Wu Bong
Eastern Europe is in the midst of a revolution. In comparison, the recent changes in the Kwan Um School of Zen are very tiny stuff indeed. But, for those of us who are accomplishing the Dharma way, especially in Zen…Read More...
Dec 1 75

We are All Like Rocks

by Zen Master Seung Sahn

An excerpt from a letter written by Mu Bul Su Nim from Korea:

Before Soen Sa Nim left Korea, we had the great fortune to meet Mrs. So. She has been working for almost a year on getting a bell …