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Apr 29 16

Buddha’s Enlightenment

by Jason Quinn JDPSN

About 2500 years ago, the Buddha attained enlightenment. Since that time, Buddhism has spread all over the world. There are now many styles of Buddhism all over the world. There is Theravada Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism, Vajrayana Buddhism, Tantric Buddhism, Zen …

Sep 2 13

Mind Cures

by Zen Master Wu Bong

Question: Can my Buddhist name be picked by my guiding teacher instead of just going by the list?
Zen Master Wu Bong: In Zen we don’t like special that much.

Question: What is beyond all doubt?
Zen Master Wu

Dec 16 12

Karma Is Relentless. Everyone Here Is Buddha.

by Zen Master Jok Um

From a question-and-answer session at the New Haven Zen Center on December 16, 2012. 

Question: This is kind of a big one. I was having a conversation with my friend. He’s a very rational, pragmatic person. Very smart. And I

Oct 11 12

Buddha’s Birthday Poem 2012

by Zen Master Bon Hae Siddhartha! I's not too late! Don't do it! Demons wait. Heavens wait.Read More...
Oct 10 12

Pilgrimage to India, 2011

by Zen Master Bon Soeng

Pedestrians, bicycles, scooters, tuk-tuks, bicycle rickshaws, cars, trucks, buses, cows, goats, pigs and dogs vie for limited street space. Everyone and everything within one inch of disaster, going in every direction with horns blaring . . . if you are

Oct 10 12

Buddha’s Birthday 2002

by Zen Master Wu Bong

This is mistake day, so my talk points the same way.

Buddha was born and the gods enjoy: Big mistake.

Six years under the Bodhi Tree, then enlightenment: Another big mistake.

Your life, my life: Also a mistake.

Today i’s …

Oct 25 11

The Original Bubble

by Zen Master Dae Kwang

Our school’s Whole World Is a Single Flower conference occurs every three years. Starting in 1987 at Su Dok Sa Temple in Korea, it has convened in many different locations around the world. This year, we are meeting in India,

Oct 23 11

Please Come Back

by Zen Master Bon Haeng

The Buddha said if you rub sleeves with somebody walking down the street, you’ve had an energy interaction with that entity for ten thousand generations. So, not much happens by chance. Even the monkeys—yeah, they’re listening to the dharma talk. …

Feb 16 11

Great Question of Life and Death

by Zen Master Dae Kwang

At the heart of Buddhism and Zen lies the great question of life and death: What am I? What is a human being? Why do we suffer so much? Why are we here on the planet earth? Are we here …

Jan 1 02

Buddha’s Enlightenment Day Poem – 2002

by Tim Lerch JDPSN

A prince sat down
So long ago
Beneath a tree he kept don’t know

He saw a star
That rose at dawn
His mind was clear his ego gone

Not God or Deva did he make
What are you then?…

Oct 1 99

Lions and Dogs

by Zen Master Dae Kwang
The great Confucian sage Mencius noted that it was natural for the mouth to desire sweet tastes, the eye to desire beautiful colors, the ear to desire pleasant sounds, the nose to desire fragrant odors, and the four limbs to…Read More...
Oct 1 99

Buddha’s Eyes

by Zen Master Hae Kwang

Buddha’s family name was not Buddha. It was Gautama Siddhartha. “Buddha” means awake. People called him the Buddha because he said he was awake and he was so obviously awake. I often wonder what he was like.

I remember getting …

Oct 1 99

The Birth of Zen

by Gye Mun Sunim JDPS

Excerpted from a workshop at the 5th Whole World is a Single Flower Conference held at Providence Zen Center in October 1999.

One day, 2500 years ago, the Buddha sat on the peak of Vulture Mountain with a vast assembly …

Jun 1 99

Plenty of Nothing

by Zen Master Wu Kwang

Opening speech at Buddha’s Enlightenment Day ceremony, Providence Zen Center, December 5, 1998.


Once a student, while in a particular mind set, said to me, “If I hear one more talk about Buddha’s enlightenment, I think I’ll scream.” This …

May 1 99

by Zen Master Dae Jin

Computers don’t understand the year 2000,
Human beings don’t understand what is human being.
Buddha does not understand Buddha’s birthday,
What is true Buddha?

In front of the Buddha statue offering flowers, incense and bows.
Praying for enlightenment, peace, love, …

Nov 8 98

Inka Speech

by Gye Mun Sunim JDPS

On November 8, 1998, Gae Mun Sunim received inka from Zen Master Seung Sahn at Kwan Yin Chan Lin, our Zen Center in Singapore.

[Raises Zen stick over head, then hits table with stick.]

At this point, receiving inka is …

Sep 1 98

Soap Enlightenment

by Zen Master Dae Kwang

The first thing the Buddha said after his great enlightenment was that everything had Buddha nature. The problem is that we don’t know that. Because we are ignorant of our original nature, we use it to produce suffering. Not good, …

Jun 1 98

Happy Buddha’s Birthday

by Zen Master Bon Soeng

When Buddha was born, he sprang out of his mother’s hip, walked seven steps, said, “Heaven above, earth below, only I am holy.”

[hits table with zen stick]

When you and I were born, we sprung from our mother’s uterus, …

Apr 1 98

Sangha As direction, Sangha as path

by Nancy Brown Hedgpeth JDPSN

The Buddha taught about the three jewels: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. But in one of his teachings he said that of these three Sangha is the most important. They all seem important and completely interconnected: When we look deeply into …

Feb 1 98

Dharma LOTTO

by Zen Master Dae Kwang

Last week I stopped into our local ma and pa donut shop, the Donut Wagon, for some coffee. They offer up the usual tongue-pleasing fare: donuts, bagels, sticky buns, etc. They are also our local over-the-counter gambling establishment – there’s …