About the Initiative

The KUSZ International Initiative

Dearest Sangha,

Our Kwan Um School of Zen Sangha is a truly global community of over 100 Zen centers in more than 20 countries. That’s incredible! This year, we have launched the International Initiative — a global platform and movement to join our big Kwan Um family even closer together, to better share our practice and teachings for the benefit of all beings.

The International Initiative has 3 aims:

1. Communication – Deepen the communication within the sangha and with the wider world on a local, regional and global scale
2. Talent – Mobilize talent and skills within the sangha
3. Finance – Strengthen our financial bases by diversifying revenue streams 

This past spring, the International Initiative solicited and considered deeply the views of our global Sangha members using an on-line survey tool that garnered nearly 500 responses. Who participates in our global Sangha? What are their experiences as Sangha members? How may we work more closely together to help KUSZ thrive as a global Sangha?

Over 30% of our sangha members responded to the survey, a great response rate, and we are now able to share with you the results of the survey, which you may download here.

Help spread the word!

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To participate in supporting the School’s projects through the International Initiative with your talents, skills and services, please visit “How to Participate”.

Thank you for your practice and commitment!
Yours in the Dharma,

The KUSZ International Initiative Team

For general questions, please email to global@kwanumzen.org