The Zen centers and groups within the Kwan Um School of Zen offer many ongoing programs including meditation instruction, meditation practice, dharma talks, workshops on Zen teachings, outreach programs, and residential training programs. These programs are usually open to beginning students, and are often offered at no charge. The School’s Zen Centers also offer various types of meditation retreats, from one to ninety days. Retreats are an important part of Zen practice. For more information please see Types of Retreats. Please contact your local Zen center to find out more about which programs they offer.

Every year, we hold three sangha-wide ceremony weekends, which take place at the international head temple, Providence Zen Center. Additionally, other School-wide events are held around the U.S. Please see our 5-year calendar for a schedule.

Whole World is a Single Flower: The international Kwan Um School of Zen also hosts a triennial conference, whose location rotates around the world. The next WWSF will take place at the Providence Zen Center, Cumberland Rhode Island, October 8-15, 2017.