Namhee Chon JDPSN

Namhee Chon JDPSN
  • Guiding Teacher of:
  • Inka Date: May 3, 2008
  • Current Residence: Berlin, Germany
  • Profession: University professor
Bio: Muchak JDPSN (Namhee Chon JDPSN) was born in 1960 in South Korea.  She holds a Master's degree in Philosophy and Sinology from the Free University of Berlin. Before she met the teachings of Zen Master Seung Sahn in 1989 in Warsaw, she learned Yoga and meditation in India. Together with her husband she established the Zen Center in Berlin in 1990 and later the Kwan Um School of Zen of Germany. She received Inka in May 2008 from Zen Master Wu Bong and lives with her family near Berlin.

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