Matthew Keeler JDPSN

Matthew Keeler JDPSN
  • Inka Date: April 2, 2017
  • Current Residence: Ridgefield, CT
  • Profession: Educator
Bio: Matt Keeler JDPSN has been practicing Zen meditation for 29 years and lived at the Chogye International Zen Center in New York City for 7 years. He received inka from Zen Master Wu Kwang at the Providence Zen Center on April 2, 2017. Matt has extensive retreat experience, including 2 three-month winter Kyol Ches and a 90-day solo retreat in Blue Hill, Maine. In addition to being the director of the Family Program at Redding Meditation Center in Redding CT, Matt is a certified high school math teacher. Previously he was a professional musician. Matt lives in Ridgefield, CT where he is a single father with a 13-year old son.

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