Chuan Wen Sunim JDPSN

Chuan Wen Sunim JDPSN
  • Inka Date: November 2015
  • Current Residence: Malaysia
  • Profession: Nun
Bio: Venerable Chuan Wen Sunim was born in Malaysia in 1964. Her family is Chinese. After schooling and work experience as a teacher, she chose to ordain as a Buddhist nun. Venerable Chuan Wen was ordained a nun in 1988 by Reverend Kong Euee of Beow Hiang Lin temple. She trained at temples in Malaysia and Taiwan. She returned to Malaysia when her teacher gave her the job at the young age of 30 of rebuilding an old Buddhist temple in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. She is currently the abbot of Hoeh Beng Buddhist Temple. She was the Vice president of the Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia and the chairperson of the Dhamma Propagation Committee. She is currently the Religious Advisor of the Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia, an organization of all Buddhists in Malaysia under 40 years old. In 2003, Venerable Chuan Wen inaugurated the "Dhamma Practitioner Camp", a program to introduce people to Buddhist practice through games and group activities giving the experience of don't know mind. These programs are held each year. Venerable Chuan Wen first heard of Zen Master Seung Sahn and his teaching in 1995 and invited Dae Seon Sa Nim and his disciples to teach in Hoeh Beng Temple. Since that time Dae Bong Sunim has regularly visited to lead 7-day retreats. Venerable Chuan Wen did her first Kong-An Zen retreat during the winter of 1997 at Hwa Gye Sa. She then participated in most Summer Kyol Ches at Musang Sa since 2010. Seung San Zen Master's teachings have had great influence on her, in particular: (1) the teaching that keeping correct situation, relationship and function is the great Bodhisattva way; (2) the experience of "don't know mind" during Kong-An interviews and everyday life; and (3) the simple and direct teachings that point straight to human mind.

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