Primary Point

Primary Point is the teaching journal of the Kwan Um School of Zen, published since 1983.
Below is the current issue available for viewing in your browser, or as a PDF download. For older issues, please visit the Primary Point Archives.

Current Issue: Spring 2014, Volume 31, Number 1

Perceive the World’s Situation by Zen Master Su Bong
Empty Is Clear by Zen Master Su Bong
After the Body, Where Will It Go? by Zen Master Dae Kwan
Pure Land by Zen Master Dae Kwan
Remembering Zen Master Seung Sahn by Zen Master Hae Kwang
This Is the Bodhi Tree, by Zen Master Wu Kwang
Sitting in a Cave . . . in New York City by Nancy Hathaway
Morning Bell Reverberates Throughout the Universe: Notes on a Residency at the London Zen Centre
by Pedro Dinis Correia
Teaching the Little Buddhas by Ed McCarthy
Motivations for Practice by Jonathan Earle
Book Review: Kim Hyesoon by Zen Master Bon Hae
Book Review: Lankavatara Sutra by Jess Row

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