Primary Point

Primary Point is the teaching journal of the Kwan Um School of Zen, published since 1983.
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Current Issue: Spring 2015, Volume 32, Number 1

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The Way of Enlightenment by Zen Master Seung Sahn
All Forms of Existence Are One Flower by Zen Master Dae Bong
Suffering and Taking Away Suffering by Zen Master Dae Kwang
You Have to Talk to Our Guests by Zen Master Soeng Hyang
“I didn’t bring my wallet.” by Hye Tong Sunim JDPS
If you have peace inside yourself, then we can make peace. by Zen Master Ji Kwang
Under the sky there is world peace. by Zen Master Dae Kwan
When you find Zen, what do you do? by Zen Master Soeng Hyang
Desire for Money: You Can Change Your Wanting-Karma by Ja An JDPSN
Desire For Sex: Our Breeding Season Lasts All Year Long by Igor Piniński JDPSN
Desire for Fame: Unsurpassed Humility by Andrzej Piotrowski JDPSN
The Wheel of Food: Together Eat, Together Die by Namhee Chon JDPSN
“Why did you come here? To sleep?”, by Zen Master Bon Shim

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